Xmas 2015

It’s that time of year where we give thanks and give something back. Last year we brought you these crackers. This year it’s a luxury hamper – 100% killer and much of it unheard – expect originals, remixes and edits from Gage, TRC, Ziro, ISLAND, Bloom, dJJ, Sharp Veins and more. Sign up now and they’ll all arrive in your inbox on Christmas morning.

2015 was a good one. We got to work with one of our heroes, Deadboy. ISLAND broke through in spectacular fashion. We finally took up regular radio – and loved it. Gage flew to NYC to perform with Kevin. TRC reminded everyone that he’s the best in garage. Murlo toured America solo and Asia with Deadboy. Bloom worked with Björk. Ziro delivered the best record of his career. And dJJ turned it all upside down with the house track of the year. Everyone agreed.

It’s been a year of hard work behind the scenes too – early 2016 will finally see long records from Gage, dJJ and TRC. ISLAND will return while Ziro and Bloom are both working hard on a handful of projects, including some exciting vocal collaborations. You can expect debuts from a couple of new squad members in the early part of the year too.

Basically, shout out all our friends, family and supporters in this thing worldwide. You know who you are. Running a record label in 2015 is far from easy but you lot make it a pleasure. See you next year.